Vlad’s birthday – Brănești Ilfov County – May 18, 2022


May 18, 2022

I had found out 2 days before that today was going to be the birthday of a teenager from Brănești – Ilfov, and that all he wants for his birthday is to be visited by motorcyclists. And I found out that he is not a child like everyone else, but one of the children with special needs…

I posted an ad on Facebook and invited all the bikers who can come to visit Vlad, to sing together “Happy Birthday”.

We take off our hats in front of all those who put their jobs and other daily chores aside and came in the rain to make a child with autism happy for his birthday!
More than 70 people came on motorcycles to sing to Vlad “Happy Birthday”, on his 16th birthday! Moreover, Vlad received a guitar and flags as a gift!

Happy birthday, Vlad!

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