“Santa-Cyclists” – December 4, 2021


Today’s story actually started on November 13, 2021, when, in Ploiești, more than 200 motorcyclists from several cities of the country and friends of theirs gathered at the collective blood donation from the BLOOD TRANSFUSION CENTER from town. In addition to the “traditional” donation, which has as its main goal the saving of human lives, their goal was to collect as many meal vouchers as possible, which we would later turn into gifts for 50 children waiting for Santa. at MARIE CURIE and the ONCOLOGICAL INSTITUTE BUCHAREST. It’s just that the account at home didn’t match the one at the fair, in the sense that it turned out much better.

Today, we made the first stop at the Oncological Institute, where Mrs. ALEXANDRA RĂUREAN from the ASSOCIATION OF CLEAN HOSPITALS was waiting for us. With her help, I set up this approach. There we were greeted by some of the staff who take care of the children. In addition to the collected vouchers, the Santa Claus cyclists ”, also came with a lot of packages, thanks to the wonderful people from ProduseArtizanale.ro and our new friends from Farmacia Ana Maria, people with extensive experience in charity and very sensitive when it’s about less fortunate people, especially children.
From food and especially fruit to hygiene products, all of which are of high quality. The total amount of the vouchers collected was 14,132.77 lei. After donating everything that was ready for the 50 children, the ladies from I.O.B. they made a gesture that no one expected. When they found out that another 60 children from Roșiori de Vede are going to visit today, they gave away a part of the vouchers, namely the amount of 7,050 lei, for them, the children that Father-Motorcyclist Gabriel Simeon Palamaru takes care of!

With the cars full (due to packages, about 120, and snow, I left the engines at home) with produteartizanale.ro and farmaciaanamaria.ro, plus sweets, plus clothes bags, plus toys, we set off for Roșiori.

Another emotional moment, where the children were waiting for us eagerly, both to receive the gifts and to interpret two beautiful carols! Although they seem like a lot, there are still too few words that can convey the unique emotion and joy experienced today. Many thanks to all the good people involved in this project.

Have a Happy Holidays and stay at least as good!

Together we are Bikers For Humanity!

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