May 29, 2021 - Sat Slatina, Nucșoara, Argeș County

Honestly, I stole a little start!
The thought that there are children who need help does not give us peace …

The idea of this action has been “infiltrating” our minds since we joined the “Siguranță pe două roți” campaign, a new episode of the blood donation campaign.

This time, the blood donation campaign lasted for 3 consecutive days. And this time the meal vouchers, obtained from blood donation, were donated in order to surprise the children from Slatina Village, Com. Nucșoara, Argeș County.
Thus, we managed to get around 50 sets of tickets!

We found out about the children from Nucșoara from our friend Valeriu Nicolae and the Casa Bună Association, who invited us to pay them a visit together for the surprise party.

We didn’t need any time to think, so we donated the meal vouchers to buy the children sweets and fruits, but also a sum of money to use to buy sports equipment (badminton, volleyball, forbal etc.)

We, the bikers, met early in the morning at a gas station on the capital’s ring road, so we could go with the children together. There were a total of over 30 motorcycles, some of the bikers joining the route.

It was obvious that when it came to children, the Bozo Clown wanted to be present. Normal! Who else has seen children’s parties without a clown? And Bozo, he’s our biker.

When our children saw that so many people came and so many motorcycles, happiness could be read on their faces. Moreover, they all began to clap their hands and shout, “Mo-to-cycle-you know! Mo-to-cycle-you know! ”
We had a lot of fun.

Once at the destination, Bozo got to work and started playing and having fun. The whole yard where the children were gathered was full of shouts and merriment.
At the same time, an ophthalmic office was installed inside the cultural center so that all children could be consulted.
Our friend Mihai Oprea promised, through Optiela, that he will provide eyeglasses for every child who needs such a vision correction tool. Thank you!

Before leaving, I took a tour of the motorbikes with the children, got on them and took pictures. It was the long-awaited moment.

Certainly, for the children from Nucșoara it was a “June 1st” different from the ones so far. And this is thanks to you, to those in the Romanian motorcycle community! Thank you for this and for every act of humanity you show!

Together we are Bikers For Humanity!

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