Donate and help – November 13, 2021


Shortly after we finished the action in Râmnicu Sărat, we were always asked when we would do the next action or at least the next blood donation. Well, I said November 13th will be good for us.
That’s what we were going to find out after …

On October 29, we launched a mobilization announcement on Facebook that on November 13, 2021 we will go to the Ploiești Blood Transfusion Center, saying that all those who, putting their veins to the test, in addition to saving hundreds of lives, are expected they want to bring a smile to 50 children who are waiting for the winter holidays at Marie Curie and the Bucharest Oncological Institute. Vouchers from donations will be turned into gifts.
We chose to go to Ploiești this time to be closer to the motorcycle communities in this area.
3 motorcycle clubs from Ploiești immediately shouted: present! The motorcycle clubs from Buzău, Câmpina, Râmnicu Sărat and some from Bucharest also confirmed shortly.

Just a few days after the call, I received pictures with clear proof that the start was stolen in Ploiești. Mister. Gheorghe Aga, a very experienced motorcyclist, was the first biker to beat his veins.

Until the appointed day, several bikers were at the donation center to support our initiative, but also not to overcrowd on Saturday.

November 13, 2013 - Ploiești, Prahova County

The donation action from Ploiești was a real success!

Of the 465 donors present at the Ploiești Blood Transfusion Center, over 200 were motorcyclists or friends of theirs. In addition to the joy of reunion, each of us came for a noble purpose. The vouchers obtained from the blood donation will help “Santa Claus” to bring a smile for 50 children, who are waiting for him at the Marie Curie Hospital and the Bucharest Oncological Institute.

Thank you to all of you for your involvement!
Together we are Bikers For Humanity!

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