June 25-27, 2021 - Scrioaștea, Teleorman County

At the invitation of the architect Ciprian Vlaicu, the one who started the #Casapentrupici project, the Bikers For Humanity volunteers put their shoulders up for the house for a heavy family tried from Com. Scrioaștea, Teleorman County.

The mission was a clear one: in one day, let’s build the house where the 4 brothers will live with their 80-year-old grandmother!

50 volunteers signed up for this action, and on Friday morning we set off, on motorbikes, to Scrioaștea. We felt from the first minutes of the morning that it would be an incendiary weekend, but the 38 degrees announced by meteorologists did not discourage us.

Arriving at our destination, we set up camp at the stadium at the entrance to the commune and listened to the builders’ instructions for the next day. I had to raise the walls of the house, to make the roof structure, to dig the exterior routes for water supply and the household drain, to make the water fireplace and everything else needed for the plan to be completed.

The next day, after we had breakfast together, 9 o’clock was already on the construction site. We already knew it was going to be a long day and we couldn’t afford to waste precious time.

By far the most interesting donation received was from a biker of ours, Ionuț Crăciun, who could not help us at work, but brought 200 sarmale for those present on the site. Thanks bro and kiss your hand for dinner!

After a day of heat and about 500 liters of water consumed, the multitude of materials that were on the site were transformed into #casapentrupici!
And this was just the warm-up for our mission this year, when in the 3 weekends we will complete the renovation of the centers for institutionalized children in Râmnicu Sărat.

Together we are Bikers For Humanity!

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